June 06, 2023


Dover, Delaware Jun 6, 2023, Vigor Nutrition Company, a leading provider of nutrient-dense products, is excited to announce the launch of its modern online store, catering to athletes, gym enthusiasts, and nutrition-conscious consumers. With a mission to enhance everyday diets and promote fitness-trending lifestyles, Vigor Health aims to fill the nutrient gap and provide high-quality nutrition to individuals with unique dietary needs.

Recognizing the challenges fitness and health enthusiasts face in maintaining optimal nutrition levels, Vigor Nutrition was established to meet the requirements of those with fast-paced lifestyles, high energy usage, or aging concerns. The company acknowledges that busy schedules often limit the intake of essential nutrients from whole foods, prompting the need for alternative nutrient sources. Vigor Nutrition is here to bridge that gap by offering nutrient-dense products that nourish and support these groups.

"Our goal at Vigor Nutrition is to provide plant-based food extracts tailored to individuals prone to gender, age, and lifestyle-driven micronutrient deficiencies," said Grant Reed, the spokesperson for Vigor Nutrition Company. "Through our online store and educational blog, we aim to address the causes and cases of nutrient scarcity, fill the food education gap, and guide our customers towards food sources that fulfill their specific needs."

Vigor Nutrition prides itself on carefully selecting the highest quality plant-based food extracts that can temporarily replenish missing nutrients. Their product range includes vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrient-dense foods. They run a Self-Care section and Blog and News to help customers make well-informed decisions about their nutritional intake. Specializing in addressing commonly known deficiency risks in active individuals, Vigor Nutrition offers a variety of products, including proteins, specialty coffees, collagen, and more.

Vigor Nutrition's key focus is supporting joints, bones, and skin and reducing the risk of injuries. Their collagen-based formulas provide essential nutrients for skin hydration, elasticity, aesthetic appearance, and hair and nail health. In addition, the company offers Vigor Wellness Formulas that aim to enhance mental focus, workout recovery, and overall well-being. These formulas include vitamins and select coffee blends to boost sports performance, mood, and mental clarity. Vigor Nutrition also provides the highest quality bodybuilding protein powders and high-protein meal replacements, ideal for gym workouts, regaining energy, and enhancing fitness lifestyles.

"At Vigor Nutrition, our motto is simple: 'We exist to provide nutrient-dense products to enrich everyday diets for active people,'" said Grant Reed. "Through our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to empower individuals on their journey to a healthier, more vibrant life."

To explore Vigor Nutrition's range of products and learn more about its mission, please visit its online store at https://vigor-store.com/.

About Vigor Nutrition Company: Vigor Nutrition Company (Vigor LLC) is a leading provider of nutrient-dense products, serving athletes, gym enthusiasts, and nutrient-conscious consumers. Focusing on high-quality nutrition, the company offers plant-based extracts that replenish missing nutrients and support active individuals with unique dietary needs. Through its online store and educational Blog, Vigor Nutrition bridges the nutrient gap and promotes fitness-trending lifestyles.

For media inquiries, please contact: Grant Reed, Public Relations, Email: support@vigor.com.co

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