Vigor LLC | Health Supplements and Microbiomes

Vigor LLC | Health Supplements and Microbiomes

Vigor vitamins, proteins, and bio extracts provide performance athletes with essential nutrients and strength. Still, a crowd of fitness fans skips the goodness of nature, such as natural plant extracts or positive microbiome compounds in some rare species. One of them is the Birch Chaga mushroom and deriving products. Discover more in the product description. Here are some of the benefits our Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules offer:

- Improve gastrointestinal performance

- Provide energy and speeds up the recovery process after training

- Eliminate sleep disturbances

- Isolate toxins from the body that may lead to weight loss

- Remove joint pain

- Stabilize blood sugar

- Solve skin problems

- Stabilize the iron level

- Quicken healing of injuries as a result of additional oxygen

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