vigor supplements - vigor super fat burner with mtc

Vigor Metabolism - Super Fat Burner with MCT

Vigor specialty supplements include Super Fat Burner with MCT. MCTs appear to induce thermogenesis in the body – assisting dieters in burning fat. L-Carnitine and Choline are active components that also support metabolism functions.

This fat-burn formula comprises Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Choline and Chromium, Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Powder, and other active ingredients such as L-Carnitine. Choline is a vital nutrient that helps your liver and brain function correctly. A choline supplement may help reduce your risk of fatty liver disease. L-carnitine is a chemical in the human brain, liver, and kidneys, and it helps the body turn fat into energy. L-carnitine supports heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. A study showed that consuming MCTs increased the body's energy expenditure in overweight men, leading to increased fitness activity and better body performance.

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