Vigor Icon Supplements | Mental Health and Fitness Boosting – Ultra Cleanse Smoothie Greens

Introducing the latest addition to the Vigor Icon Supplements family: Ultra Cleanse Smoothie Greens! Elevate your mental and physical well-being with this powerful blend of organic grasses, superfoods, B vitamins, and botanical extracts.

🌿 Great Grains Blend: Harness the energy of brown rice bran, organic flex, and barley malt powder for a wholesome foundation.

🌿 Herbal Blend: Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature with organic alfalfa, parsley, bee pollen, Siberian ginseng, aloe vera, bilberry, ginger, ginkgo biloba, green tea, licorice, milk thistle, peppermint, royal jelly, Schisandra, and stevia extract.

🌿 Sea Vegetable Powder: Dive into the revitalizing properties of spirulina, chlorella, and sea whistle powder for a nutrient-rich boost.

🌿 Fruit Blend: Indulge in the sweetness of apple pectin, pineapple, grape skin extract, and acerola juice powder.

🌿 Green Grass Blend: Nourish your body with the organic goodness of barley grass, kamut grass, oat grass, rye grass, and wheat grass powder.

🌿 Vegetable Blend: Fuel up with beet juice, broccoli, rhubarb juice, and spinach powder for a vibrant mix of essential nutrients.

🌿 Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and Silica: Support your digestive health with FOS and enhance your body's natural radiance with silica.

Ultra Cleanse Smoothie Greens is meticulously crafted to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients, promoting optimal mental clarity and physical vitality. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, or someone looking to boost their overall health, this supplement is your go-to solution.

Visit the Vigor Icon Supplements store today and make Ultra Cleanse Smoothie Greens a vital part of your daily routine. Elevate your wellness journey and embrace the vigor within! 💪🌿

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